About Us

What Yooinvest is all about:

Medical research investment changed on December 16, 2019, and an exciting future began! Yooinvest launched the "first of its kind program" to accommodate people of all income levels to invest in a wealth creation arena, previously unavailable to them.

In the past, large research centers were funded by institutional investors and high net worth individuals. 

When medical research required funding there was no shortage of big investment by the traditional funders. Well, the playing field has now changed!

Yooinvest has now created a unique opportunity for small investors to participate in cutting-edge medical research. This equates to Yooinvest members sharing in the funding and profits of these exciting medical research projects. 

Your investments will enable the completion of these medical breakthroughs.

In return, the Yooinvest members will share in the ultimate sale of successful medical breakthrough technologies. 

The aim of Yooinvest funding is to support medical breakthroughs and new inventions from cutting-edge research laboratories with leading researchers.

Youinvest members will share the journey through all stages of development and research and the success of the final product.

Yooinvest is presenting you with a wealth strategy program with the potential to earn great wealth and offers earnings from the very beginning as well as the ultimate participation in the successful sale of medical technologies. 

What benefit do we offer:

You share directly in the specific project that you invest in-
• Its tangible!
• Its Unique! and Exciting and
• It has the potential to deliver extraordinary returns on your investment! 

You own a Percentage of the Project. It cannot be taken away from you. 
Your certificate is your claim to ANY profits made from a successful sale of the technology

You are always kept up to date, which relates to receiving frequent newsletters, updates on the status of the research, and a time-frame of expected success of the medical project. 

This investment is unique and first of its kind.

Relatively low investment risk?
Investment in Yooinvest means that your initial investment is mitigated by commission earned if you attract ONLY 4 people to also invest in these breakthroughs.

We are NOT offering a Multi-level marketing scheme, and therefore we unequivocally state that we can only pay you a commission for 4 people.

That means the program allows you to receive more coins back than you invested initially. 

We say: 

Understanding the Levels

In the list of Projects, you will find that there are up to 6 levels of investment on each of the projects.

This in no way suggests that one level is better than the other, i.e. that Level 1 is better than Level 2.

It is merely an option for you to increase your certificate value by increasing your investment into the project.

Payments for these projects can be from your internal crypto wallet and is not bound to commission received or not.

Purchasing a new Certificate related to the SAME project will cancel the previous Certificate.

However, you are always entitled to earn commission on any project certificate purchased by up to 4 people introduced by you.

Each Project Listed, regardless of the level 1 to 6, will be viewed as a separate stand-alone investment. 


There is only a limited number of certificates per Project and once it is completely subscribed to, no furhter certificates will be available on that specific Project.

This therefore further indicates that this is not a multi-level Marketing Program.


The deal made between Your Private Equity LLC and the medical research entities is that Yooinvest has the opportunity to obtain up to 30% equity in each of the medical research projects.

Therefore, the certificate holders will each receive their share of the profit of this equity participation, depending on the size of your investment. 

Here is the Flow Of the Program 

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The next step Is to click Registration, And Register!!
Once Registered, Your USER PANEL OPENS


The Home Page Displays your Personal detail 

It also provides you a link to send to people so that they can read, and join as well

The Indicator in the picture shows you that if you would like to become a Certificate Holder, and Upgrade from FREE member to Paid Member, Thats where you would click



You would also see on the left side of your screen, YOUR MENU ITEMS


The MY TOOLS menu would be your most important Menu Item CLICK on IT and :